Estrella River Farms

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US (CA): Estrella Ranch expands cultviation area to over 130,000 sq. ft.

“We consider this successful first harvest from Estrella River Farms as a confirmation of our decision to establish a cannabis cultivation operation in one of the most supportive microclimates in California on a Ranch that will produce high quality, handcrafted, and organically grown cannabis in California. We have finally arrived...

LiveWire Ergogenics Announces Delivery of First Harvest from Estrella River Farms

Bill Hodson, CEO of Livewire Ergogenics states, "This is the day we have been working towards for the last two years. Since the moment we set foot on Estrella Ranch and began building out the vision of our Estate Grown Weedery™ project, the team has been dedicated to cultivating the best sun-grown organic cannabis in California.

LiveWire Ergogenics Releases Exclusive Video Tour of the World’s First Estate Grown Weedery

Bill Hodson, CEO of Livewire Ergogenics, states, “The Estate Grown Weedery project on Estrella Ranch is the most critical milestone in our Company’s history. It represents the true meaning of perseverance and tenacity by a small group of determined individuals with a specific goal..

The company intends to transform this majestic property into the world’s first “Estate Grown Weedery," and develop it into one of the largest, vertically integrated, high-end cannabis facilities and wellness retreats in California.

Cannabis Market in the US Shows Signs of Movement Toward High-Quality Sector

A small number of dedicated companies in the US have taken a different approach. They focus on increasingly addressing the attributes demanded by the modern consumer, such as exceptional terpene profiles, potency, and quality; in other words, high-quality, handcrafted cannabis that meets the increasing demand for artisanal, organic...

LiveWire Ergogenics Announces Purchase of 450-Acre Historic California Ranch Property to Develop Cannabis Operation

LiveWire will consider partnerships, joint ventures, strategic alliances and create networking opportunities with the best operators in the cannabis industry, exploring the opportunities for those companies to operate on the Estrella Ranch-Estate Grown Weedery property, with the goal...

Cannabis: ‘Estate Grown Weedery’ planned for Estrella Ranch in Paso Robles

“The company’s goal is to develop the world’s first ‘Estate Grown Weedery’ on Estrella Ranch for the cultivation of a cannabis product unique to the environment and establishing high-quality recognized brands Nationwide. The Estrella Ranch business model will allow us to dynamically and economically scale the business...