Estrella River Farms

Estrella River Farms

Welcome to the world’s first Estate Weedery in Paso Robles, CA. Our farm specializes in cultivating hand crafted sun-grown cannabis of the highest quality

California Sun Grown Organic Cannabis Of The Highest Quality

Estrella River Farms is home to an impressive team of world class cannabis cultivators with a passion for growing hand crafted sun-grown cannabis in California’s central coast surrounded by world renowned vineyards.  

Our team lives, eats, and works right here on the famous Estrella Ranch in Paso Robles, CA. The farm, located on the ranch, is the first of its kind Estate Weedery™ with 130,000 sqft of outdoor canopy grow area with plans in place for additional growth. 


Hand-Crafted and Grown To Perfection

Estrella River Farms hosts some of the best cannabis cultivators in the world with decades of experience growing in a variety of climates. Every plant is cared for by hand each day and every bud is inspected by the cultivation team to ensure optimum light and nutrition throughout each harvest. 

Tree Ripened. Hand Picked.

Harvests on Estrella River Farms are executed over several weeks and consist of our expert cultivators hand picking the ripest buds as they reach their most optimal point. This strategy allows our team to ensure every plant is grown to its full potential and the end users are provided a product that can be immediately distinguished as high quality California sun-grown cannabis.  

Above Ground Organic Tractorless Farming

Using artisanal production methods, our cultivators are able to produce a higher quality premium cannabis with exceptional terpene profiles, potency, and freshness. By using a proprietary premium organic soil blend, we ensure we’re able to produce the highest yields while maintaining a very high level of sustainability that will only increase as we introduce additional sustainability measures into our operations. 

Less Water
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Less Nutrients
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Toxic Pesticides

Cannabis Grown Responsibly With Respect For Sustainability

At Estrella River Farms, one serving of cannabis requires only 1.2 cups of water to produce. Our cultivation methods combined with modern science and the ability to grow in the ideal micro-climate on California’s central coast uniquely positions Estrella River Farms as a premier cannabis facility in the industry.  


Get to know the iconic
estrella ranch that we
call home.

Iconic Property Rich In History

The Estrella Ranch is considered the gem of the central coast. Once owned by the esteemed George Hearst, the property is being restored to a working ranch with an added agrarian touch.

Luxurious Amenities

The Estrella Estate is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills on California's central coast.